What is Almost Anything Inc?

We are a High-End errand + delivery + courier service. We have mastered the art of detail for many clients just by picking up and dropping off items in a professional and trusted way!

If I have a job, can I do this part-time in between?

Absolutely! This is a part time job based off your availability. When you download our app, you will know the day before what the schedule will be for the next day. You will need to confirm your availability. We do have errands that come up same day that you may also accept right away in the app.

What are AAI's requirements?

You must own an iPhone or Android Smart phone. Must be able to read and follow directions thoroughly.

Able to speak, read, and understand English well.

Your car needs to be in good working condition, clean, cleared out with room for errands/deliveries, and presentable.  

Reliable, Responsible, Respectful, and Professional.

Clean and presentable appearance and must be able to communicate efficiently.