What is our coverage area?

We cover the Los Angeles metro areas. Please contact us regarding your request if you believe it is outside the coverage area. Once our app is accessible a larger area will be covered per our driver network.

What are our hours of operation?

Currently, we are open from 6am-10pm; however, when our app is accessible, we will be open 24 hours.

What if my item(s) is not paid for?

We no longer pre-pay for items. Your item will need to be paid-in-full when we arrive for pick-up. We found it is more efficient and more secure for our customers. We will be promoting companies that will allow customers to pre-pay with them in conjunction with the AAI app. Stay tuned for updates on this. If you already have an account with us, please contact us regarding pre-payment for your item until app is in effect.

How can I prevent my nicely made

food platter from damage during transport?

The best way we found from experience is to wrap your platter/trays in Saran Wrap to prevent slippage. It works!

What won’t we deliver?

We will not deliver illegal drugs, people, pets, or any items that will not fit in a regular size car or SUV.